Tree of Life

An Olive Leaf Extract Unlike Any Other

1-month supply
60 easy-to-swallow capsules

Tree of Life is Rev222’s olive leaf extract. It contains d-Lenolate®, our patented extraction process. Our process preserves 18 more active ingredients within the olive leaf, and it offers daily immune boosting support by protecting against invading microorganisms and increasing white blood cell count.

Our process has been tested and clinical studies have demonstrated that d-Lenolate® has anti-microbial, fungal, bacterial, and viral activities.


Take 10mg per pound 3 times a day or as directed by your healthcare provider.


Assists with:

  • Weak immune system
  • Influenza (Flu)
  • Infectious diseases (HIV, E. coli, Herpes, West Nile virus, etc.)
  • Bacterial Infections


Patented & Extended Absorption Time*:

Our patented extraction process, d-Lenolate®, extends the time your body has to absorb the active ingredient oleuropein from 20 minutes to 8 hours.


The Science Behind Tree of Life:

d-Lenolate®, also known as olive leaf (Olea Europaea) extract, is a formulation developed through a patented extraction process of selected olive leaves that contain Oleuropein.

The health benefits of olive trees have been documented for centuries. Scientists determined the phytochemicals contained in the trees/leaves are the source of vast disease resisting properties, which enables olive trees to live for thousands of years. Medical experts have discovered the wonders of the phenolic compound extracted from the olive leaves called Oleuropein.

Oleuropein contains both anti-viral and anti-microbial properties and is the potent ingredient that enables Tree of Life’s defense against toxins and prevent future attacks on the body’s immune system. It is Rev222’s special extraction method that makes this remarkable component absorbable and able to proactively function in the human body. The health benefits derived from the olive leaf continue to be extolled by both herbalists and medical scientists.


Testing for Tree of Life:

Tree of Life has been evaluated for its effectiveness against infections caused by the influenza virus and demonstrated early protective abilities against infections. Reports produced by research scientists associated with well-known domestic and international universities, further indicated that Tree of Life and its effective components have a direct causal and documented effect on some of the worst diseases afflicting the world today such as HIV, E. coli, Herpes and others.
Studies & Research on Tree of Life.


All-Natural and Tested:

Clinically-tested since 1995
No artificial colors
No animal byproducts
100% vegetable base capsules
No animal products used
No artificial colors
No filters

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Tree of Life with my prescription medicines/other supplements?

Tree of Life may be taken with any other food supplements, but is not recommended to be used with any type of antibiotics.

Are there any animal by-products in your Tree of Life capsules?

No, there are no animal by-products in our Tree of Life capsules. The capsules are vegetable-based and the only ingredient is the olive leaf.

Is use of Tree of Life recommended for pregnant or nursing women?

Tree of Life may be taken during pregnancy or while nursing, but we highly recommend speaking to your obstetrician before using any food supplements during this time.

Can children take Tree of Life?

Tree of Life may be safely taken by children. For ease of swallowing, we have created a smaller capsule for children (120 mg versus the 500 mg adult size). Also, the capsule may be pulled apart so the Tree of Life powder inside can be mixed directly into juice for ease of consumption.

Is Tree of Life effective for senior citizens?

Tree of Life’s main purpose is to support your immune system. Since as we age, your system is constantly exposed to more pathogens (viruses, fungus, bacteria, yeast, etc), older individuals often will note more results then the younger population. Therefore, yes, d-Lenolate® is effective for senior citizens.

I noticed olive leaf extract on the shelf at my local supplement store. What makes your product different?

Tree of Life actually has a patent on the extraction process – d-Lenolate® – which allows us to preserve more active components within the olive leaf than other products. Furthermore, Rev222 completed clinical studies that proves d-Lenolate® has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial activities.

What is the percentage of Oleuropein in Tree of Life?

The oleuropein content of our product varies by the batch we produce. The minimum oleuropein content of Tree of Life is 18% and sometimes it goes as high as 23% depending on the batch of leaves and where it comes from.

Can I give Tree of Life to my pets?

Yes, Tree of Life is safe to use in pets. We have had customers successfully use our product with horses, dogs, cats, and rabbits.

How long has Tree of Life been on the market?

Tree of Life is our oldest product and it has been on the market since 1995.

What is the suggested dosage of Tree of Life Easy-to-Swallow?

The recommended amount for Tree of Life Easy-to-Swallow is 10mg per pound before each meal, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.