Sweet Balance

Natural Support for Your Sweet Tooth

20-day supply
60 capsules

Rev222 has developed a ground-breaking product with Sweet Balance, an all-natural product containing ingredients that result in the regulation blood sugar levels. Sweet Balance is a formula with no toxicity and that causes no harmful side effects. It allows blood sugar levels to be controlled naturally without the risk of other health issues caused by harsh pharmaceuticals. This product helps to normalize blood sugar levels throughout the day, resulting in an overall healthier body.


Take one tablet three times per day without regard to meals.


Assists with:

  • High level of insulin
  • Cause and symptoms of oral hypoglycemia: nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, excess insulin levels, suppressed cellular function, headaches, muscle aches, decreased ability to concentrate, and rashes

Sweet Balance is a natural supplement used to regulate the blood sugar levels in the body, and reduce risk the of ailments such as eye disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, and heart disease, which are all related to abnormally high levels of glucose and insulin.



Selenium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, chromium, vanadium, agaricus blaze murill, alpha lipoid acid, transfer factor, allow barbensis, manapol, fenugreek seeds, coenzyme Q10, selenomethione, zinc glycerinate, ascorbic acid, tocopherol succinate, chromium picolinate, and vanadyl sulfate


Ingredient Functions:

Agaricus blazeii: is a mushroom extract appears to regulate the immune system, resulting in decreased immune-mediated damage from high glucose levels and also improving resistance to infection.

Alpha lipoic acid: this potent antioxidant is found in all cells in low amount, and is decreased in DM patients. Research from the Russian Medical Academy ALA appears to be useful ancillary treatment for the symptoms for diabetic polyneuropathy because of its safety profile and its effect on positive naturopathic sensory symptoms.

Transfer factor: these small molecular weight immune system hormones may balance the immune system and prevent it from damaging tissues in diabetic patients.

Manapol: this component of the herb aloe barbensis glycosylates enzymes in the liver that are responsible for glucose production (gluconeogenesis), which can be abnormal in DM patients, thus lowering blood glucose levels and glucose production when the liver senses they are too high. Furthermore, mannose in Manapol can glycosylate cell membrane glycoprotein important in insulin binding, leading to improved cellular response to insulin. A human, placebo-controlled, single blind clinical trial conducted at University of Bangkok showed that blood sugar was in the treatment group were lowered by 43%.

Fenugreek: this safe herb may decrease cortisol production in the body when it is too high, leading to lowered blood glucose levels and complications elevated cortisol such as accelerated aging and heart disease. Fenugreek dose-dependently lowered blood sugar levels in non-diabetic subjects, according to results of a small human trial conducted at Glycemic Index Testing in Toronto.

Coenzyme Q10: this is both an important antioxidant, thus lowering oxidative stress but it is also crucial for normal heart function. Levels are decreased in DM patients. Raising them may lower the risk of heart disease-the number one killer in diabetics – and also lowers glucose requirements in the heart, resulting in lower blood levels. Scientists found CoQ10 may positively affect cardiovascular health in diabetics.

Selenium: this mineral is crucial for many cellular functions and is deficient in diabetics. Normalized levels may stimulate insulin production in Type II diabetics. Normal levels also may prevent complications in other tissues.

Vitamin C: this crucial enzyme is responsible for multiple processes in the human body. It tends to be deficient in diabetics and replacement appears to improve the active transport of glucose from the bloodstream across the cell membrane into cells.

Vitamin E: also deficient in diabetics. Restoring normal levels improves antioxidant function, but also enhances glucose transport across the cell membrane by helping to normalize and up regulate insulin receptors.

Chromium: this mineral is crucial in cell metabolism. Normalizing metabolism by restoring normal levels decreases the need for glucose in cells, feeding back a message to the pancreas to produce less insulin and the liver to produce less glucose. Study conducted by Pennington Biomedical Research Center found in vitro administration of chromium picolinate to skeletal muscle cells increase levels of the metabolic enzyme insulin function.

Vanadium: this trace mineral is low in almost all diabetics. It can lower blood sugar levels in all diabetics by enhancing glucose metabolism inside the cells. Researchers concluded Vanadium improves glycemic control.


All-Natural and Tested:

Blood sugar level balance
No toxicity or side effects
No artificial colors
No animal byproducts
100% vegetable base capsules
No animal products used
No artificial colors
No filters

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, what are some of the ill effects of too high of insulin levels in the bloodstream; a condition common in an artificially administered manner?

It accelerates the aging process in cells and tissues; it speeds up plaque production on coronary arteries (80% of diabetics die of coronary complications); it can actually raise blood sugar levels, it can block DNA, RNA, protein and glucose synthesis; and it can result in central nervous system and circulatory depression, (amputation) even leading to death.

Does Sweet Balance work on type I and type II diabetes?

The formulation of Sweet Balance has shown improvements for both Type I and Type II diabetes.