Absorb MAX

Increase your body’s ability to absorb minerals with Absorb MAX

Available as:

  • Absorb MAX 12 mL
  • Absorb Max 30 tablets
  • Absorb Max 90 tablets


About Tree of Life:

Indium is a rare trace mineral produced by our body until age 30. It is what our body needs to trigger its natural age-reversing, health-enhancing capabilities. 

Indium facilitates the absorption of essential minerals better than any other mineral. It supports several hormonal systems in the body, and it may reduce the severity and duration of a myriad of human conditions.* 

Assists with:

  • Increase energy, agility and endurance
  • Helps joint discomfort
  • Elevated immunity
  • More restful sleep
  • Muscle strength
  • Mental quickness, including memory


Absorb MAX, Rev22's Anti-Aging Indium Sulfate Supplement:

Trigger your body’s natural age-reversing and health-enhancing capabilities with Absorb MAX. This is truly possible with Rev222’s Absorb MAX supplement. Absorb MAX offers indium in its purest form, and the benefits for your body are numerous.

According to research, aging is largely caused by a decreased production of important hormones in the body. Indium counters this energy-draining trend by stimulating hormone production to youthful levels, triggering your body’s natural anti-aging defense.


Extra Support for Women:

Absorb MAX also assists in menopausal symptoms. Rev222 recommends taking two drops daily in the morning. If you’re wondering about the difference between Absorb MAX tablets and liquid, it is that Absorb MAX liquid is a purer form of the Indium Sulphate and comes in a liquid form. Experience the incredible anti-aging benefits of indium sulfate by ordering a bottle of our Absorb MAX.


All-Natural and Tested:

Clinically-tested since 1995
No artificial colors
No animal byproducts
100% vegetable base capsules
No animal products used
No artificial colors
No filters

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the Absorb Max products with my prescription medicines/other supplements?

Absorb Max may be taken with any prescription medication, but is not recommended to be used with the body building supplement known as ‘creatine’. Other supplements will not contradict Absorb Max.

Is use of Absorb Max recommended for pregnant or nursing women?

No, Absorb Max is not recommended for pregnant women or while nursing.

Is use of Absorb Max recommended for children?

No, Absorb Max is not recommended for anyone younger than the age of 18.

What is the difference between Absorb Max liquid and tablets?

The main difference is the form these two products come in. Our tablets are available in 30 or 90 count, while the liquid bottle contains 12 mL.

How long have the Absorb Max products been on the market?

Absorb Max has been on the market in the liquid form since 2001. The tablets are our newest release and it have been on the market since 2003.

I once read that Absorb Max should only be taken in liquid form, but you also offer it in a tablet form? Also, does it need to be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning?

Most publications on Indium sulfate were written during or prior to the 1990s. Through further research and studies, we have found that Indium can be very carefully rendered as effective in the solid form as it is in the liquid form. A dissolution study showed that Indium will still enter the blood stream if taken with food, but at a slower pace than without food. The time of day in which the supplement does not change its effectiveness.